Guide to Buying the Best Dry Bag

Adventures are more enjoyable when your mind is free from worrying about your things getting damaged during the trip. When you go to the beach or venture on a kayaking tour, you would want to make sure that your valuables are safe. That is why people still try to bring them anywhere, even though the risk of getting them wet is greater.

For this reason, a dry bag was invented. As the name already suggests, a dry bag keep your belongings dry and safe from the dangers of water.

However, the best dry bag is not just determined by the level of its waterproofness. A wise buyer would consider more factors before making a purchase even if the product is cheap. But with the list of manufacturers that claim they got the best dry bag, how will you know which one is for you?

It seems like having a lot of options is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Yes, you may have a range of choices but that also makes it more confusing.

However, the answer to the question above is quite simple. Read the guide and discover how to find the best dry bag for you.

Factors to Consider for Buying a Dry Bag

Dry bags vary in sizes, materials, and the overall design. They might look all the same to you, but they are actually different.

And their differences often make one kind better over the other. When looking for the best dry bag, consider the following factors:


Are you packing light or heavy? Answer this and know which size of a dry bag would be enough for all the things you need to keep dry and protected.

Dry bags usually come in a range of sizes – from 5L to 40L or more. You may separate your things using different dry bags or keep them all together in one large dry bag. If there are many in the group, buying multiple 10L dry bags is wise so that the weight is distributed amongst the group.

But if you are traveling solo, a larger one will also do the trick. A 20L dry bag has enough space for your gadgets, spare clothes, and a towel.

Nylon vs. Vinyl

Dry bags are made of different materials and two of the most common are nylon and vinyl. People who prioritize durability of the product choose vinyl dry bags because they are heavy-duty.

They are not just waterproof but puncture-resistant, too. A vinyl dry bag is ideal for keeping your gadgets scratch-free during the trip.

On the other hand, those who prefer flexibility choose nylon dry bags as the material is lightweight and usually foldable, making them handier and comfortable to carry.

Roll-Top vs. Zipper Seal

Submersion of dry bags for an extended period is not advisable even if the material is waterproof. This is because dry bags do not completely seal.

Their closures have reinforced and taped seams so that water will not enter the bag, but those might also break over time. Dry bags are only ideal for quick submissions. The most common type of closure is roll-top because it can seal water effectively by rolling the top 3-5 times and snapping the buckle, whilst making a handle.

This type of closure allows you to link or clip multiple roll-top dry bags together through the handle. The other type of closure is a zipper seal. It is also effective in sealing out water in an easier way.

Other Features or Design

Some dry bags have carrying straps so that you can carry them like a backpack or a crossbody backpack. The straps are a great help in carrying the dry bag more comfortably. If you are attaching the dry bags to your boat or kayak, you may also remove them and just attach them when it’s time to unload.

Aside from this, other dry bags are also floatable on the water when you fill them with a little air. Manufacturers add this feature so that in case your boat or kayak capsized, you can save your things right away.

Different Uses of Dry Bags

Dry Bags were invented to keep your things protected and dry. However, other people found other alternative ways to use them whether during your travels or at home.

Here are some genius ways to make use of your spare dry bag that you will find really helpful.

Dry bag as a water bucket

Bringing a water bucket during camping is inconvenient. Luckily, you can use your waterproof dry bag instead. Fetch water from the stream with your dry bag and return to the camp.

Fill a few dry bags to the brim and use them at your disposal. This way, you do not have to go to the water source every time you need water.

Dry bag as a laundry bag

Instead of using a plastic bag to separate your wet or dirty clothes from the clean ones, use a dry bag. Since they are waterproof, your wet clothes won’t affect your clean clothes, especially if you only have one traveling bag.

Dry bag as a kettle-bell

When you are out in the wilderness and have no access to fitness centers, you can make a dry bag your kettlebell. Fill it with enough water that is equivalent to the weight you usually lift. Ensure that it is sealed tightly so that it will be stable to lift.

Dry bag as an emergency pillow

Sometimes, you will never know when your flight will be delayed or when hotels are fully booked. In times like this, you can stay at the airport and rest using your dry bag as an emergency pillow.

Put your important things inside the dry bag and add enough clothes so that it will be more comfortable. This will allow you to take a nice sleep while ensuring your things are protected.





Unigear Dry Bag Sack $$ 4.7/5
Wolfyok Roll-Top Waterproof Floating Duffle Dry Gear Bag $$$ 4.7/5
Outdoors MASTER Dry Bag $$$ 4.8/5
Kopaka Products Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack $$ 4.4/5
Tiny Big Adventure 15L Dry Bag $$ 4.1/5
Adventure Lion Premium Waterproof Dry Bag With Shoulder Strap $$$ 4.7/5
Aidesen Dry Bag Backpack Waterproof $$$ 5/5
New Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof 5L Black Dry Bag $ 4.6/5
KastKing Dry Bag Waterproof $$ 4.7/5
New Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag $$ 4.6/5

Top 5 Most Recommended Best Dry Bags

The following products are among the best dry bags recommended by the buyers on Amazon with more than 4 stars of satisfaction rating. All of them have the qualities of a good dry bag mentioned above but each of them has their own unique style.

Find out what made them included in the list and see if one of these best dry bags will suit your needs.

Unigear Dry Bag Sack

The first on our list of the best dry bags comes from one of the best brands for travel gear, Unigear. Their product is available in five different sizes, which are 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, and 40L.

Meanwhile, these bags are available in different colors, too. This way, you will never run out of options and you will always have the right size of dry bag for all your things. It has a roll-top function like the other brands of dry bags.

According to the manufacturer, their dry bag is made of polyurethane-coated nylon with neat welded seam construction. These superior materials and construction are the reasons why the product is durable and lightweight.

It is guaranteed waterproof and able to withstand other elements that may cause damage to your belongings. In other words, your gadgets and clothes are safe and protected from water, dirt, sand, and snow. Aside from this, the dry bag is also burst resistant and puncture resistant.

It does not easily wear but it is easy to clean. Whether you are going camping, cycling, or kayaking, this dry bag is always ready for your next adventure. It is even easy to bring, too. The 5L-20L dry bags have one adjustable and removable shoulder strap, while the 30L and 40L have two.

What really makes this package a great bargain is the included waterproof phone bag. When you want to take pictures while swimming or simply cannot leave your phone and money behind, this phone bag will keep your phone safe with its touch-friendly material and lock seal.


  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Includes a waterproof and touch-friendly phone bag with a secure lock seal


  • Slightly more expensive than the other brands
  • Issues with receiving damaged products

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Wolfyok Roll-Top Waterproof Floating Duffle Dry Gear Bag

When manufacturers offer a buy-one-take-one package, they are always put in an advantageous position as people tend to choose those products that will give them more for an inexpensive price. Same is true with the Wolfyok Roll-Top Waterproof Floating Duffle Dry Gear Bags.

By only spending around $30, you will get two dry bags of different sizes and colors. The 10L dry bag is yellow and measures 39 x 20 cm, while the 20L dry gear bag is blue and measures 45 x 24 cm. This package deal is great for all travelers, especially those who bring many important things during their travel.

You can use the small dry bag for your gadgets, smartphone and wallet, while the big dry bag is for your clothes and other bigger belongings. Both bags can keep your things dry and protected as they are 100% waterproof and made of durable PVC material.

They also have to be rolled at least four times to seal the top. Aside from these, the dry bags are also submersible in 12 inches of water. They do not completely sink as they will automatically float on the water’s surface. So when your boat or kayak accidentally flips over, you can find your dry bag easily. Just make sure to fill it with air before sealing it.

Furthermore, the dry bags also have an adjustable and removable strap/s 1 for the 10L dry bag and 2 for the 20L dry bag.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Comes in 2 packs
  • Can float on the water when filled with air


  • Not the lightweight type of dry bag
  • Some people find the dimension of the bags too small

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Outdoors MASTER Dry Bag

The Outdoors Master Dry Bag looks like any ordinary dry bags. However, it wouldn’t have a whopping 4.8/5 stars on Amazon if it is not the best dry bag you will see on the market today. The reason for this high satisfaction rating lies behind the materials used for making this amazing product.

According to the manufacturer, this dry bag is crafted using premium 500D tarpaulin that is heavy-duty and durable. They have high frequency and welded seams, making the dry bag tougher than the other brands. It is 100% waterproof and can withstand extreme environments and elements like water, sand, dirt, and snow.

You can bring or use it to any of your trips in any season. You can choose between the 2 available sizes, which are 10L (46 x 31 cm) and 20L (56 x 36 cm). Notice that the diameters of the bags are longer than the other brands, giving you more space for all your belongings. Like the other dry bags, this one has a roll-top function that makes it easier to seal. It has a connecting buckle on the top that can function as a handle.

However, if it will be more comfortable if you carry it across your back using the adjustable strap. Furthermore, this dry bag also floats in the water when filled with air and tightly closed.

It comes with a beautiful anchors pattern, a variety of colors and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from Outdoors Master.


  • Floats in the water when partially filled with air
  • Includes 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Larger in diameter and height


  • Cannot be submerged in the water completely
  • Common limitations of dry bags

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Kopaka Products Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Kopaka Products created their own version of a waterproof dry bag to make traveling more fun and convenient for everyone – when you put your important belongings inside their dry bag, they will be protected, safe, and dry. This way, your mind will worry less and you will be able to enjoy your adventure.

What makes your things protected from water and other harsh elements are the materials used for engineering such an amazing dry bag. Using a superior quality 500D PVC material and double stitched sealed seams, the dry bag was made durable and lightweight.

Here, you can safely secure your smartphones, money, clothes, and towels because the 15L dry bag has enough room for all of them. Just make sure to follow some packing tips and you can store all the things you need in just one dry bag.

Also, leave enough space so you can roll the top at least three times before sealing it. If you can’t, you might as well buy another piece. This will not harm your budget as the product is affordable at around $18.

The 2 removable and adjustable shoulder straps give you an option to carry the dry bag as a backpack or a crossbody backpack. It is lightweight and therefore, comfortable to carry around.

Though this product is inexpensive, the manufacturer still promises to provide a lifetime product warranty. They will refund your money fully or ship a new one for free.


  • Inexpensive and durable
  • Includes a lifetime product warranty from Kopoka Products


  • Shoulder straps do not have pads
  • Does not float when submerged in the water

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Tiny Big Adventure 15L Dry Bag (2 Pack)

Last in this list of the best dry bags came from the Tiny Big Adventure, which is a manufacturer of different camping gear. Their 15L dry bag is one of their best products that live up to their standards of creating products suitable for any kind of adventure.

True enough, this dry bag can be used for camping, boating, hiking, and more. It is made using a new waterproof technology and tough materials such as 40D ripstop nylon. It also has reinforced seams to make the dry bag more durable.

The outward appearance of the product might look odd because the brand logo is on the inside. However, there is a good reason for this and that is to make the dry bag more waterproof. The manufacturer put the PU coating on the inside and silicon material on the outside to create a moisture barrier.

The overall design is actually in accordance with the military specifications. Aside from this, you will also appreciate that the product is lightweight and foldable. You can stuff it anywhere possible if not in use.

Like the second one in this list, you will also get two packs of 15L dry bags in one purchase. The bags allow up to 12L of storage for all your valuables so you can roll and seal the top. Lastly, it comes complete with a money back guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • Comes complete with a money back guarantee
  • Made using a new waterproof technology and tough materials
  • Comes in 2 packs at an affordable price


  • Does not have shoulder straps
  • Has shorter length than the other brands
  • Does not float when submerged in the water

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All of the products included in the list would not be considered the best dry bags if they are not highly functional. You will notice that the prices are close, too. However, the quantity and size they offer are not the same.If you are looking for a great bargain, you must choose the brands that offer more than one dry bag. On the other hand, if you want something that came from a reliable brand, you might as well choose Unigear.Just remember that in order to find the best dry bag for your trips, read both the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the reviews. Lastly, consider your preference well.