How to close a dry bag: Keeping everything dry

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A dry bag is a must for water and other outdoor activities. It is a kind of flexible container often made of plastic film, waterproof fabric, or plastic coated fabric to keep the water from getting inside.

It is used to guard valuable items such as phones, cameras, clothes, etc. from getting wet during outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking, beach bumming, etc. Therefore, it is important to know how to close a dry bag properly to maximize its purpose.

How to close a dry bag?

The proper way on how to close a dry bag is easy. The most important thing to remember is to roll the top open area and fold it three times. This makes the watertight seal.

Here is a simple step by step process on how to close a dry bag:

  1. Put your valuables inside. Make sure that the bag is not more than ¾ full.
  2. Remove extra air from the inside of the bag.
  3. Squeeze the two separate vinyl tops and dog ear each side.
  4. Bend the PVC and vinyl to the folding band. Fold it three times.
  5. Finally, merge the buckles together to secure the folds and the top of the dry bag.

How to use a dry bag?

A dry bag can be used for different purposes aside from keeping your valuables dry. It is a multipurpose travel kit. Want to know the other uses of a dry bag?


You can use the dry bag as a pillow when you’re beach bumming or in the airport while waiting for your next flight. It can be a good emergency pillow when you’re stuck in unexpected situations.

How to close a dry bag to make it into a pillow? You don’t have to blow in the air; you just have to fold the top two times and snap the buckles together.

Water container

When you are camping and the water source is far from your base, you can use the dry bag as a water container. Simply fill it in with water and go back to the base camp.

This prevents repeated trips to the water source. Also, leaving enough space at the top opening of the bag lets you roll-fold it for a good handle.


Sand all over your car’s interior? Do you want to get refreshed after a day’s hike? Take a shower with a dry bag! Fill it with water, hang it on a tree, and let the water flow through the small opening.


Enjoying bottles of drinks on the beach or in the forests? Instead of bringing a cooler which can be burdensome, bring refreshments using a dry bag! Some dry bags can accommodate up to 10 liters or more.

Dry bags with such a capacity can hold bottles of drinks filled with ice. Now you can bring ice cold drink along the beach or mountains.

What are the types of dry bags?

The dry bag that you will purchase depends on what you need it for. Do you want to keep your mobile phones and camera dry? Do you need bigger dry bags? Learn about the different types of dry bags so you would know which one to choose:

Lightweight dry bag

The lightweight dry bags are usually made of coated material great for keeping valuables during camping and hiking. They are small enough to be packed in rucksack pocket and pulled when needed.

You can store clothes, sleeping bags, and equipment during wet conditions. This kind of bag keeps things from getting damp.

Waterproof pouch

Waterproof pouch is lightweight and see-through. It can keep important things such as documents and small stuff dry inside.

PVC dry bag

PVC dry bag is made of PVC with welded seams, making it very sturdy. In addition, it keeps water from getting inside.

It is usually used in extreme sports because it is very durable and can withstand extreme activities. Since it is made of very tough materials, it is quite heavy.

Heavyweight dry bag

The heavyweight dry bag comes in large sizes, lengths, depth, and width. Therefore it has the capacity that can accommodate large items or more items.

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