ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag Review

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The best dry bag is one that you consider a go-to piece of gear.  It is something that is always in your packing list and you probably have more than just one in the gear closet.  Let’s face it, many dry bags are very similar.  There are a few that stand out with design features, unique colors, or quality that clearly separates from the pack.  For the most part, a dry bag made from PVC with a quality roll-top closure is going to waterproof your gear under most conditions.  Then there is the ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag.

Honestly, we didn’t know what to think when we first looked at this thing.  It is a bold dry bag!  If Texas made a dry bag, this may be it.  The added features are big, and ultimately, they make this a great dry bag for kayaking, hiking, and just about any outdoor adventure.

ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag

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The Features

ZBRO’s Waterproof Dry Bag is packed with features, cool colors, and a variety of sizes.  It is constructed from a tough, durable vinyl that can withstand a high degree of abrasion.  All the seams are firmly welded and the roll-top closure is solid.  So, with the basics out of the way, let’s look at some of ZBRO’s unique features.  There are a lot to get through!

Located at the top of the bag is a handle made from nylon reinforced with a flexible grip.  The PVC patch it is attached to is welded to the bag and held up without any visible stress when subjected to tension.  The handle is an awesome feature.  Not only does it provide a variety of attachment and tie-off options, but it is a solid functioning handle!  With most dry bags, the user has to carry the bag by the roll top closure.  That isn’t what the closure is designed for.  ZBRO’s reinforced handle adds a lot of convenience.

Another bold feature is the large mesh pocket located on the front of the bag.  While some bags choose to utilize a small splash pocket, ZBRO goes big with its mesh pocket and bungee cord compression system.  The pocket can easily accommodate a mid layer, a pair of flip flops, or even a piece of gear that doesn’t need protection from the elements.

Located inside the exterior mesh pocket is yet another feature.  The reflective strip of fabric added to the top of the pocket is significant in size and provides enough reflection under dark conditions that adds a level of both safety and convenience.

ZBRO decided to straddle the line between dry bag and dry bag backpack with the addition of two padded shoulder straps.  The straps can be adjusted from 26 to 50 inches and are made from nylon webbing and quality plastic clips for attaching to the bag.  The added pads on each strap allow the bag to be carried comfortably on a day hike or a walk through the city.  These straps are unlike other dry bags that include one or two webbing only options.  The ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag is definitely one that can be used in many more ways other than just sitting in a pack, kayak, or canoe.  The straps, especially on the 30L version, cause ZBRO to knock on the door of best dry bag backpack category as well.

When you thought there couldn’t be more features added to a dry bag, ZBRO went ahead and included an interior removable zippered pouch.  Most dry bags include zero interior organization options.  Dry bags, especially the larger capacity kind, can be a black hole for your stuff.  The addition of an interior pouch is a great feature that adds convenience.  Its an excellent place to keep a smartphone or other things you may need in a pinch when you don’t feel like emptying the entire bag.  Even better, the pouch is removable as it is secured to the inside of the dry bag with velcro.  Very, very cool dry bag feature.

We’ve reviewed what we consider some of the best dry bags for hiking, kayaking, camping, and casual adventures.  Typically, PVC waterproof dry bags come with a little added weight due the material.  For that reason, we usually recommend PVC dry bags as a best dry bag for kayaking, fishing, or beach going rather than for hiking or backpacking.  We are throwing weight out the window for the ZBRO dry bag.  The added weight in a pack during a day hike was completely overshadowed by the useful features.  Bottom line, there is a lot of versatility and convenience in this dry bag and it really is a winner for any outdoor activity.

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Final Verdict

If the features weren’t convincing enough, maybe the bold colors will win you over.  ZBRO’s dry bag come in the standard black, grey, and blue.  The yellow and two different camouflage options are fun, loud choices as well.  With sizes ranging from 20L, 30L, and 40L there are plenty of options to use ZBRO’s dry bag in a variety of configurations.  The 30L and 40L versions will consume, protect, waterproof, and even organize a ton of gear.

Okay, one more plug.  ZBRO offers a 100% money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.  Hard to beat that.

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