Wolfyok Roll-Top Waterproof Floating Duffle Dry Gear Bag Review

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Whether you are camping, trekking, or kayaking, a dry gear bag that is made by Wolfyok is something you should not forget to bring. Wolfyok gives you not just one but two waterproof bags of different sizes that are 100% made of tough materials.

The first one is a yellow 10L dry gear bag, and the second one is a blue 20L dry gear bag. By spending around $30, you already have two amazing bags where you can keep your important belongings, such as electronic gadgets and clothes, dry and protected at all times. They come with removable and adjustable shoulders straps for easy transport.

Aside from this, you can also rest assured that nothing would be able to puncture your bags unless intentionally done. That is because the bag contains PVC, which is a very durable material.

You can use it for any adventures on land or water such as hunting, skiing, and boating. The Wolfyok Roll-Top Waterproof Floating Duffle Dry Gear Bag are even snowproof, dustproof, and dirtproof, too.

There are only 4 easy steps to secure your belongings. When your things are already inside, fold the opening three to five times.

Then lock the buckle by meeting both ends at the top of the bag. This will create a handle. And finally, you can now attach the shoulder straps.

Wolfyok Roll-Top Waterproof Floating Duffle Dry Gear Bag

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  • Two pieces of 100% waterproof floating duffle dry gear bag, great for any kind of outdoor activities
  • The yellow 10L dry gear bag is 39 x 20 cm while the blue 20L dry gear bag is 45 x 24 cm
  • Made of durable PVC material to keep belongings dry and protected
  • Comfortable to carry using the adjustable and removable strap/s 1 for 10L dry bag and 2 for 20L dry bag
  • With roll top function to secure the dry bags easily
  • Use for storing phones, keys, clothes, towels, and other personal things
  • Both dry gear bags are submersible in 12 inches of water


Wolfyok is a brand of travel gear that manufactures different camping products such as hammocks, sleeping bags, and even camping cookware. One of the best products they have is their floating duffle dry gear bag.

This has become popular because of its quality that every camper and adventurer looks for in a waterproof bag. In fact, it has one of the highest ratings under the dry bag category on Amazon with a whopping 4.8/5 stars satisfaction rating.

When you travel to the beach or to the mountains, a waterproof dry bag is a must-have. They make traveling easier and worry-free as the dry bag protects your belonging from getting wet.

But aside from that, it also protects your things from the sand, dirt, or snow. This is exactly what the Wolfyok Floating Duffle Dry Gear Bag can do for you.

Compared to cheap dry bags, this product is made of PVC, which is more durable. The material is resistant to punctures and will float when you accidentally submerge it into the water.

And what makes the price of $23 a greater deal than the other is that you will get two dry bags instead of one. The 10L dry bag is big enough for keeping your small gadgets such as phone, keys, and wallet.

On the other hand, the 20L dry bag will be suitable for your clothes and towel.

The dry gear bags are easier to use, too. They have a roll top function and shoulder straps that are removable and adjustable to your needs.

You can either sling the 10L bag across your bag or just hold the buckle or a handle. Going to the sea or trekking the forests, this premium quality dry gear bags won’t disappoint you.


Although this product has a very high satisfaction rating, there are still a few limitations and disadvantages you should know. One, you should make sure not to submerge the entire dry bag into the water because the top part is not sealed.

It is waterproof but it is not ideal for underwater. Aside from this, other buyers also find the bags too small for all their belongings.

It is, therefore, recommended to purchase the bag enough for you to roll the top part at least three times. If you are looking for a bag bigger than 20L, you might try the other brands on the market.

Lastly, some people also noticed that this product is not a lightweight type. In fact, compared to other well-known brands, it is heavier.


Overall, the Wolfyok Floating Duffle Dry Gear Bag is indeed one of the best dry gear bags today. It might not be from a well-known brand, but it can definitely compete against them fair and square. Aside from this, the dry bags are durable and affordable, too.

Having two items at one purchase always put a particular product at an advantageous point. Therefore, there is no doubt why a lot of people are loving them.

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