Såk Gear Premium Waterproof Dry Bag Review

If you plan to spend time outdoors, whether it is on the water, in the water, at the beach, or on the trail, investing in reliable gear can make each experience a memorable one.  Every now and again a piece of gear comes along that becomes something you all of a sudden can’t live without.  When we searched for a tough, dependable but smaller dry bag that could function as advertised in any environment, we were extremely pleased with Såk Gear’s Premium Waterproof Dry Bag.

Best Recommended Use

It is common for a dry bag to be associated with kayaking or canoeing.  What we found in Såk Gear’s dry bag was unexpected and appreciated!  The 10 liter bag, also available in a 20 liter version, is an excellent solution to protecting a few necessary pieces of gear without adding a ton of weight or space.  Its 500-denier polyester, vinyl-coated material effectively keeps everything inside protected from the elements.  Every seam on this bag is welded and held up extremely well during testing.  For those reasons, Såk Gear’s dry bag is a great choice for the standard water activities such as kayaking, fishing, and hiking.  However, the added features along with the size, weight, and construction make it a great choice for a waterproof camera bag, stand up paddle board bag, or even a waterproof beach bag.  If more evidence is needed, we even used this bag to protect and compress a sleeping bag and inflated it to use as a pillow.

The Features

Splash Proof Pocket

Såk Gear’s 10 liter bag is sleek, not bulky and includes a well designed splash proof zippered pocket on the front side.  The pocket functions very well and includes enough space for items such as keys, cash, or other small items requiring quick access.  The zipper is protected allowing the pocket to keep out dust and debris as well.  The pocket is constructed with an additional layer of polyester with welded seams.  The seams are solid and did not fray or show any signs of weakness throughout testing, even when being thrown from a kayak to the shore.

Reflective Material

Surrounding the pocket is a band of reflective material which we haven’t found on any other dry bag.  It is a convenient addition and adds an aesthetic quality as well.  It definitely helped when looking for the bag in a tent under headlamp.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

This waterproof bag comes with one adjustable shoulder strap that can be used as a shoulder carrying sling or to tie off in a variety of circumstances.  We towed this and two other dry bags on a kayak trip just for the sake of doing so.  The strap came in handy for that purpose, and yes, not a single drop of water found its way inside.  For beach wanders, a day in an amusement park, or even going to a concert, the shoulder strap is a great addition.

Såk Gear’s dry bag comes in both 10 and 20 liter volumes and a variety of unique colors.  We tested their Army Green but the other color options stand out as well.

The Pros and Cons


  • The exterior splash proof pocket with reflective outline and protective zipper adds a level of convenience and dependability that other waterproof bags do not.
  • The roll top closure seals well with two to four rolls depending on the contents.  Other bags require at least three rolls if not more, therefore reducing the available space inside.
  • This bag’s dimensions and weight open up a ton of different options and uses.


  • At 10 liters, space can be limited but the 20 liter option carries all the same features, just larger.
  • With only one shoulder strap, carrying options are limited to a shoulder slung bag versus others that provide two straps to carry the bag in backpack fashion.

Alternatives & Comparisons

Within the same category of construction, material, and size, Earth Pak supplies a similar bag swapping the Såk Gear’s reflective material additions for other features.  Other brands obviously offer 10 liter bags of similar construction and quality such as Adventure Lion.

Final Verdict

Såk Gear’s Waterproof Dry Bag is a win.  It’s size and level of protection combined opened up a lot of non-traditional uses for a dry bag.  While it is great strapped to a kayak or protecting a camera or other items in your pack, it is equally a great option when the weather is questionable at a tailgate party, sporting event, music festival, or day at the beach.  Quick and easy access to the front pocket is excellent, especially under conditions when you need an item fast but don’t want to risk opening the entire bag.  Overall, this is a highly dependable and useful dry bag that will not disappoint.

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