Piscifun Dry Bag and Waterproof Phone Case Review: A Feature-Packed Waterproofing Solution for Kayaking, Canoeing, Hiking and More

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What makes one dry bag better than another?  Why are some dry bags considered the best and others don’t seem to make a top ten list?  More often than not, dry bag reviews will reveal that it’s all about features.  In the outdoor, survivalist, and bushcraft worlds, there is a school of thought that suggests one should always attempt to improve upon their position.  Look, we know we are talking about dry bags here, but we believe that way of thinking still applies.  Apparently so do the folks at Piscifun.  Their waterproof roll top dry sack takes the basic functions of a dry bag to the next level with the addition of well placed, functional features.

Like most dry bags constructed from 500D PVC tarpaulin , the Piscifun bag does what it is supposed to do.  When properly sealed using the roll-top closure, the bag, due to its material, naturally keeps water and debris out.  It is highly resistant to scrapes and puncture from typical use.  In the event it is submerged, it will keep everything inside dry, but like any dry bag it should be retrieved as soon as possible.  If an adventure on the water has gone really sideways, the dry bag can be filled with air and sealed to be used as a floatation device.  The standard heat-welded seams function as advertised and overall, the bag is constructed very well.

Piscifun Dry Bag and Waterproof Phone Case

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The Features

Piscifun’s Dry Bag combines some of our favorite features into a top of the line functioning product.  It comes in two sizes, 10L and 20L, and three color options of black, blue, and yellow.  The included waterproof smartphone case is a nice added bonus, more on that later.  First let’s dig into what this dry bag has to offer.


If there is a theme to Piscifun’s features, it is convenience.  One downside to any dry bag or pack that is only accessible through a top opening is that everything is simply stuffed inside.  There can be a method or order to how things are shoved in, but the outdoor gods somehow always require you to need whatever is in the bottom of your pack.  To counter this, Piscifun includes three distinct features that make life a little easier.

A transparent vinyl window located on the side of the dry bag offers a glimpse inside to see how and where your essential items are stashed.  It allows for smart packing and if you happen to have multiple bags in your kit, the ability to see the contents adds a ton of convenience.  We like to use dry bags as first aid kits, survival kits, and even a way to organize climbing gear in a pack.  The window is an excellent way to distinguish between bags and really helps in a downpour or a situation where quick access to gear is needed.

Another added convenience is the mesh pocket attached to the right side of the dry bag.  We really dig this feature.  For the adventurer, it is a way to store something that doesn’t need waterproof protection but does require faster access.  A water bottle, water purifier, small first aid kit, or compass will fit and can be easily reached while wearing the dry bag as a backpack or slung across the chest.  For the more casual user, the mesh pocket is a great way to carry more stuff to the beach, on a boat, or a simple walk through town when weather might be sketchy.

In the spirit of accessing the important things quickly, Piscifun adds a front splash pocket made from the same PVC material to provide additional waterproof protection for small items that would otherwise be lost in the main compartment.  The splash pocket’s zipper closure is protected by additional vinyl layers that will keep water out in most circumstances aside from full submersion in water. 

More Features

Like a few other of the products considered best among dry bags, Piscifun includes two adjustable shoulder straps with attaching points to allow for a variety of carrying configurations and tie-down options.  Each strap can be adjusted up to 33 inches in length and attach at the roll-top closure and near the bottom sides of the rear panel.  If you like to venture off the path while hiking, kayaking, or canoeing, the straps add a bit of freedom to carry just what you need keeping the load light yet still waterproof.  The two lower buckles double as attaching points for securing the dry bag in a boat, kayak deck, canoe, etc.

Now, more on the waterproof smartphone case.  It measures 6.5 inches diagonally and is similar in both design and function to most other cases typically bundled with dry bags.  The smartphone case has a solid, reliable double closure and a waterproof rating of IPX8.  It gets the job done in protecting a smartphone from water and debris but again, like any waterproof bag or sack, should avoid full immersion in water as much as possible.  The case comes with a nylon lanyard and is available in the same colors as the dry bag.

Due to a packed menu of features, we like Piscifun’s Dry Bag best for taking your adventure off the beaten path.  It is really easy to incorporate this bag as a unique part of any kit that can function as a standalone option by converting into a dry bag backpack when needed.  Whether it is packing the essentials for a day hike from basecamp or deciding to pull the kayak ashore and go exploring, Piscifun offers a ton of flexibility, convenience, and absolute waterproof protection.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a best in all-around performance dry bag, this ranks among the very top.  Piscifun’s dry bag is a great choice for any adventure on the water or day spent outdoors.  It can be packed with layers, cameras, and gear with complete confidence allowing you to forget about stressing over protection and fully experience your adventure.

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