Different Types of Dry Bags and Their Uses

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A dry bag is a travel essential whether you are boating, kayaking, camping, or trekking. As the name already suggests, it keeps your belongings, such as camera and clothes, dry and safe. Aside from that, this travel gear is designed to withstand different environments, making it flexible and suitable for all kinds of adventure.

It is not only waterproof but snowproof and scratch resistant, too. However, did you know that there are actually different types of dry bags? In this article, you will know each of them and learn how to use a dry bag.

Phone Bag or Camera Dry Bag

Though your camera already has a waterproof casing, it is still better to place it inside a camera dry bag to ensure no water can damage it. The camera dry bag is usually big so that you can add interior padding for extra protection against bumps.

Aside from that, there is also something for phones, called phone dry bag. These dry bags are transparent and touch friendly so you can still send messages or capture pictures.

It has a secure lock mechanism that seals the phone of any size. You can also put your money inside.

Roll-top Lumbar Bag

A roll-top lumbar bag is great for hikers who carry a lot of things to their camping site. You can either use it as a roll or fanny pack or even a small backpack. It has a lot of space and storage room for additional padding.

Roll-top Backpack

This is the most common style of dry bag, suitable for carrying medium-sized items. They can be linked together because of the handles.

The shoulder straps are removable and adjustable to your size. It is large enough to keep all your things and is available in a range of sizes.

Storage Dry Bag

There are also dry bags that do not have an adjustable strap but only a handle. This storage dry bag is still great for camping and other adventures. You may also insert it inside a bigger bag.

Other Uses of Dry Bags

Now that you know the different types of dry bag, it’s time to learn how to use a dry bag in various ways. Not only can you bring it during trips but also use as an alternative for other things.

Water Bucket

Since dry bags are 100% waterproof, they are a great alternative for water buckets. If you are camping and you find yourself needing a water bucket so that you can fetch water from the river, remove your things inside the bag and use it instead.


It is always hard to keep your clean clothes from the wet or dirty clothes when you only have one traveling bag. The dry bag is a great help for separating your wet clothes and keeping them from wetting your clean clothes inside the traveling bag.

Should there be an odor, you should not put it inside. Instead, just bring it along until you find a place to wash clothes.

Emergency Pillow

With a dry bag, you can always find yourself ready for anything. While camping, you can use this as a pillow if you forget to bring one. This is also a good option when you experience delayed flights or get stranded on a train ride.

Put all your important belongings inside, such as your wallet and gadgets, and then add some clothes so that it will be somehow soft. This way, you can rest well while protecting your things from thieves.

Kettle Bell

Want to stay fit even when you are miles away from the gym? Make your dry bag your kettlebell by filling it with water. Do not try to put sand or rocks as they might puncture your dry bag in the process.

Just review how to convert liters to pounds or kilogram to make sure that you are lifting the right weight.

Washing Machine

You read it right – dry bags can be a washing machine, but you will need a lot of strength and endurance to do this. Pour water inside, followed by your clothes. Add your soap, roll the top to seal and then give it a shake.

Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result. If you want, you may also rub the dirt from your clothes.

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