Accent on Adventure Premium Waterproof Dry Bag Review

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For both the serious adventurer and the casual outdoorsman, a functional and reliable dry bag is an essential component of your packing list.  It has been said that to wonder in the wilderness is pure and simple, but to wonder when all your gear is wet is freaking miserable.  A waterproof dry bag that can provide peace of mind in a downpour or confidence throughout a water crossing allows all adventures, big and small, to be more fully appreciated and well worth the time and effort it takes to execute them.

Accent on Adventure’s Premium Certified Waterproof Dry Bag Compression Sack and Waterproof Phone Case is one of the best waterproof dry bags available that provides extremely reliable protection and versatile functionality for a variety of users.

Accent on Adventure Premium Waterproof Dry Bag

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Accent on Adventure’s Waterproof Dry Bag is solid, dependable, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.  The 0.5mm PVC tarpaulin material is extremely durable and provides the highest degree of waterproof protection a dry bag can provide.  With it’s PVC tarpaulin material does come some weight that makes it a perfect dry bag for kayaking, fishing, car camping, beach going, and general water related activities.  However, it is not recommended for inclusion in planning for an ultralight adventure.

Features: The Positive and Not So Negative

Size and Waterproof Grade

At 15 liters, the Accent on Adventure Waterproof Dry Bag is a great size for most activities.  The bag can hold medium sized items such as extra clothes or layers, towels, camera, food, and more.  Its roll-top buckle closure combined with a IPX6 waterproof grade keep stored items dry even when submerged or towed making this one of the best dry bags for kayaking or any water sport activity.  We tested the black version however it does come in a variety of colors.

Unique Features

Three unique features set this dry bag apart from others in it’s category.  Two shoulder straps are included that convert this bag into a waterproof backpack when needed.  The straps can be configured to carry like a backpack or slung over a shoulder as needed.  During testing, the straps proved beneficial in tying off the dry bag to an object when necessary or connecting multiple dry bags in a daisy chain fashion for organization or even towing while kayaking.

The second unique feature is the elastic cord attached to the front of the bag.  This feature is not included in many other dry bags and provides an additional level of convenience.  We found the cord extremely useful for securing the bag to a kayak deck, holding a layer of clothing when not in use, and securing things like small solar panels while on the go.

Finally, this dry bag comes with a waterproof phone case that fits a smartphone with a screen size of roughly 6.5 inches.  It is an excellent waterproof case for an iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 7.  The case has a water proof grade of IPX8 and can be immersed continuously without allowing water to penetrate inside.  It is touch sensitive allowing all screen functions to work through the case.  That fact that the case is bundled with the dry bag makes for a great deal.

The Pros and Cons


  • Durable PVC material can take a beating while providing the highest degree of dry bag protection
  • Front side elastic cording creates a variety of additional options when packing and using the bag
  • Double shoulder straps unlock different options allowing the dry bag to be strapped to a kayak deck or carried to the beach


  • The weight makes it less of an option for backpacking

Alternatives & Comparisons

If weight is not a factor,  then both the KastKing and Adventure Lion Premium Series Dry Bags land in the same category.  However, neither come with the elastic cordage or a waterproof smartphone case.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an all around versatile and dependable dry bag, Accent on Adventure’s Premium Waterproof Dry Bag is it.  We put this dry bag through a tough day of testing on the water and not a single drop found its way inside.  Protecting your valuables while on the trail, water, or in any environment is critical.  This dry bag is pack and forget.  You can put whatever needs waterproofing inside, forget about it and focus on the adventure.  The additional features in the elastic cord and straps add another level of versatility for just about any adventure.  Knowing that your smartphone can be equally protected with the included case ranks this as one of the best dry bag deals currently on the market.

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